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Choosing the right fabric and sew the right speed for the task will help to ensure results. A little investigation can contribute to the election. Singer sewing machine needles available in a range of sizes and designs for many purposes.

Needle divided into two primary methods. Firstly, the actual phase, where the needle is to say that would be in the form of lead. Then there is perhaps also a number of dimensions of the needle for each type of stage.

A needle with a normal phase can be used over a wide range of woven material such as cotton and linen. The strong phase is able to pierce the material loop. This can help smooth and pungent.

Another typical type of scene is really a ball phase. This type of needle is suggested for strictures, whether solitary like jersey knit or double knit. The scene of the needle slides in between the material strands, instead of piercing them. Using a normal phase knitting needle can lead to crashes and uneven stitching.

To sew leather, suede, vinyl or similar components, a needle with a wedge employed phase. These components are non-woven and often thicker than a woven or knitted material. The wedge of the scene to just the needle puncture.

One more special needle twin needle. This provides two rows of stitches placed close together. Generally, it is really a kind of decorative stitch.

For other decorative stitching, machine embroidery, for example, you can also find unique needles. They are made of stronger components than normal needles. It helps them withstand the stress of tight embroidery embroidery.

Sewing machine with a lock also requires a different kind of needle. Serge is also called overlock machines. These devices use various models of sewing needles than normal equipment.

The size of the needle is still a consideration. Needles, for example, a normal phase and the ball phase also available in different sizes for different weights of material. The dimensions are indicated with a volume. In the U.S. the amount of black is 8-18, while in Europe range from 60 to 110 used. Needles are generally identified by an appropriate number of all kinds.

As an example, materials a lightweight, woven mesh or chiffon, for example, a normal phase needle needs of 9 / 70 or 11/80 series dimension. A medium weight material such as linen or velvet were sewn with a needle 14/90. And like a heavy cloth or denim drapery material should be combined with a 16/100 or 18/110 dimension maybe a needle.

After you dispose of the needle and design dimension you need, so make sure you reserve a minimum of a fracture in position. This can prevent an emergency trip to the material and notions store in the middle of sewing task.

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