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Pre Diabetes Symptoms : How To Accurately Determine Whether Or Not You Have Pre Diabetes

Pre diabetes is a condition that millions of people suffer today, and is often marked by blood sugar swings, weight gain and obesity. Pre diabetes means you have slightly abnormal blood sugar level but is not sufficiently to be classed as being diabetic.

However it does mean that you are at risk for developing type 2 diabetes and heart disease if you do not take preventive measure quickly.

Pre diabetes symptoms include: repeated urination, extreme thirst, intense hunger, curious weight loss, increased tiredness, bad temper, skin rashes, and blurred vision, among others.

If you want accurate information whether or not you have pre diabetes you have better to see physician for further diagnosis.

Physician determine whether or not you have pre diabetes by conducting two different test i.e. fasting plasma glucose test or FPG and oral glucose test.

Fasting plasma glucose test can only be tested after you do not eat or drink other than water as long as 8 hours. This test detects whether or not your body metabolize glucose correctly. Fasting plasma glucose between 100-125 mg/dl suggest pre diabetes.

The oral glucose test is conducted only after the FPG test has been done. This test measures your response to sugar. Normal levels are less than 140mg/dL while levels between this amount and 199mg/dL indicate pre diabetes.

If you are diagnosed with pre-diabetes then you should be thankful because you have been given a final chance to avoid full type 2 diabetes. You should do positive lifestyle changes. One of these changes will be to improve your diet by eating smaller meals more regularly, consuming foods that contain high fiber and eating lots of fruits and vegetables.

By implementing the positive lifestyle changes you can increase your body's sensitivity to insulin and most importantly prevent type 2 diabetes from developing.

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