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How To Get A Google Top 3 Ranking

Whilst not getting you in a top three ranking by using search engine optimization (SEO), you can use Google news to get your site listed right at the very top of Google.
Why should you do this? Well their news portal is one of the top five most visited news portals Worldwide.
Is that not a good enough reason to grab your interest? Also by appearing in their news service, besides getting direct traffic, many users get Google news through the Google alerts system (Whereby people register to receive targeted email news - thus making them far more likely to open the mail and visit the link to your site).
They can also sign up to your RSS feeds as well.
Getting listed will also bring about major SEO benefits, as if your website listed prominently in it, then other websites will begin to link to your article and hence you gain traffic and the all important one way backlinks.
So you need to aim to get your website into Google News as a key part of your SEO strategy.
However getting them to accept you as a publisher is as you suspected not easy.
The terms of applying to be a publisher can be found on the Google news website.
However I will list the basics that you must do before applying below:- 1) Original Content - You cannot just cut and paste articles from other websites.
All submissions must be unique original content.
2) Multiple Authors - Sadly even a simple blog with quality content will not get included your site included.
Primarily this is because they want multiple authors in order for them to qualify your website as a news service.
3) Organisation - In general only includes news articles from sources that it considers to be organisations, such as having multiple writers and editors, available organisational information, and full contact details.
Getting into it is not easy, as I said though it will get you to the top of page one in Google, and substantially improve your websites ranking.
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