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Abstract Art Paintings: Style Without Definite Lines

When it comes to a visual display of color, line, form, and overall composition, Abstract Art has a language all its own. The imagery included in Abstract Art paintings are often far fetched versions of reality. Sometimes they are paintings of things that only the artist is able to interpret. There are artists who are able to get their point across to the public, by painting in such a way that is appealing to just about anyone who views their work.

Various versions of abstract are included in the collection of paintings that fall under the title of Abstract Art. Partial abstraction is present in realistic art. These types of paintings are able to be understood by most people. There are shapes and designs that are recognizable to the general public. As for total abstraction, most of these paintings include images that don't bear a resemblance to anything anyone has ever come across before.

Historically, there were three art movements that actually contributed to the coming about of abstract paintings; Romanticism, Impressionism, and Expressionism. Each of these took place in the nineteenth century. However, Cubism and Fauvism paved the way for abstract paintings to become more popular with the public.

Painting Abstract Art doesn't have a lot to do with imagination or finesse with a paint brush. Just about anything can be applied to a canvas and called Abstract Art.

There are many artists that make a living from creations that are made highly attractive to the public by their distinct color combinations and shapes included in the painting. Abstract Art doesn't have to make sense; it just has to appeal to the viewer in some way. While the overall design can attract many onlookers, some people find that the painting evokes certain feelings within the person viewing the work of art.

Creating a painting in the style of Abstract Art is best done on canvas and with acrylic paint. The acrylic paint is thicker and won't run into other colors when added to the canvas. There is also the ability to create 3D effects with acrylic paint, due to its high viscosity level. Another convenient trait of acrylic paint is that it can be applied with a brush, spatula, and many other types of tools. The thickness is also what allows this layering effect to be possible.

It's best to simply start painting and see what becomes of it. Many times the best works of art come from not trying too hard. People often struggle to form the perfect masterpiece and end up getting frustrated. This frustration actually works against the artist. If painting a personal piece isn't intriguing, there's always the option of purchasing abstract art.

Abstract art paintings are found for a wide range of prices and in an endless number of styles. These can compliment any home decor. There are some artists that people find fascinating enough to only collect paintings by these particular artists. Other individuals find that painting Abstract Art is their calling and become sought after artists all on their own.

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