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How to Design a Room in Google Sketchup

    • 1). Take careful measurements of the room you want to redesign and write these numbers down. List the features that you would like for the room to have.

    • 2). Sketch out your ideas for the room on paper before your start working on SketchUp. These don't have to be perfect, since they are just for your own reference, not what you will be showing to your professional.

    • 3). Start Google SketchUp. You will see a default human figure in the view that is there to act as a relative sizing reference when you are making your room. You can delete it if you prefer.

    • 4). Select the "Line" tool from the toolbar and use it to draw out the shape of your room on the ground plane. Then use the "Push/Pull" tool to raise this shape to the correct height for the room. You can judge the size of the room you are making by referencing the numerical display in the lower right of the screen.

    • 5). Switch to the "Selection" tool and select the top polygon. Hit "Delete" on your keyboard to remove it. You now have an open view of your room.

    • 6). Select the "Paint Bucket" tool from the toolbar and, from the categories in the dialog that pops up, choose the color or texture that you want to apply to a surface. Then click on the surface to apply it. Repeat this to apply textures to all the walls and the floor.

    • 7). Click on the "Get Model" icon. This will bring up the 3D Warehouse dialog (you have to be connected to the Internet for this to work). The 3D Warehouse is a free online resource of downloadable models of furniture and building components such as windows and doors. Browse to find something you want to add tand select it. Resize it to fit your model and place it where you want it. Repeat this to get all the fixtures you want to your model. Then save your work.

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