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Reliance General Insurance introduces Online Health Insurance

Reliance General Insurance, one of India's leading General Insurance players, has now introduced online purchase & payment of its Reliance HealthWise Insurance Policy through the Internet using one's credit card or debit card.

Reliance General has introduced a completely secure online payment gateway wherein one can directly calculate the premium and pay for Health Insurance depending on number of members one would like to cover and the Plan option one would opt for.

The Reliance HealthWise Policy offers a Family Floater feature that provides for coverage for a family of four. Any individual desiring to buy the policy online can visit the website and buy the policy instantly after calculating the premium online. One can use any credit card of any bank in India for purchasing the policy online. On confirmation of the payment, the policy can instantaneously download from the website.

The key features of Reliance Healthwise Policy are:
- Instant Policy
- No Paperwork
- No Medical check-up till 45 years
- 24x7 Cashless Claims facility across 4000 hospitals & nursing homes
- Extended Coverage for Pre & Post Hospitalisation Expenses
- Medical Treatment at home is also covered for the first time
- Added Nursing Allowance
- Allowance for expenses of accompanying person of the insured
- Tax Benefits under Section 80D

The coverage offered by Health-wise Policy includes:

Hospitalisation Expenses - The policy will cover expenses incurred for room and operation-theatre charges, doctors' fees, cost of nursing, medical tests, medicines, blood, etc.

Day-Care Treatment - The policy will cover expenses incurred towards technologically advanced treatment that does not require hospitalisation for 24 hours.

Domiciliary Hospitalisation - We also provide cover for treatment administered at home, subject to specified conditions.

Pre- and Post-Hospitalisation - Reliance Healthwise covers medical expenses for treatment up to 60 days before (and up to 90 days after) the hospitalisation, depending upon the plan selected.

Donor Expenses - In the event of a major organ transplant, this policy will cover hospitalisation expenses incurred on the donor.

Reliance general Insurance also offers the Reliance Critical Illness Policy and Individual Mediclaim Policy. One can get details of these policies on the Reliance General Website.
For further details on the Reliance HealthWise Policy or for buying it online visit online health insurance now

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