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How to Make a Country Storage Bench

    • 1). Sand the original paint off the cabinet. Continue sanding until all paint is removed and all surfaces are even.

    • 2). Paint the exterior of the cabinet with your latex paint. Allow the paint to dry completely, then add a second coat. Allow that coat to completely dry, then seal everything with a coat of polyurethane.

    • 3). Set the cabinet on its long side, with the opening for the door at the top and facing you. Open the door. Place the chain at the far left, outermost corner of the open door, then hold it up to the top left corner of the opening; cut the chain to this length with the wire cutters.

    • 4). Mark a spot on the inside of the left side of the lying cabinet, about one inch inside from the edge and one inch down from the top. Drill a pilot hole here, and then screw in a hook. Drill a pilot hole in the far left, outer corner of the door, around the spot you used to decide how long to cut the chain; the hole should be on the inside of the open door. Screw in a hook here, too.

    • 5). Loop the ends of the chain through the hook; if the door can fall completely open with slack in the chain, cut the chain shorter; the chain is meant to keep the door from hitting the floor repeatedly, causing damage and wear.

    • 6). Close the door. Find the center of the top part of the door. Drill a pilot hole for the knob about an inch down here, or whatever looks good, then add your knob.

    • 7). Cut the foam to match the dimensions of your cabinet's top section. Lay a large section of fabric face-down on a large, flat work surface. Place the foam over it, in the center. Spray the top of the foam with adhesive. Fold the sides of the fabric over the top of the piece of foam; essentially, you want to wrap the foam as you would a gift package, with all pieces glued to the top.

    • 8). Allow the glue to completely dry before trimming away excess fabric. Turn over the cushion to reveal the nice side, then place it on top of the cabinet to complete the project.

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