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Swiss Patent Laws

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      Swiss patent laws are administered by the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property, headquartered in Bern, Switzerland. The institute examines patent applications, grants patents and protects intellectual property. The Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property can also conduct trademark searches and provides information on the technology related to the patent sought.

    Swiss Patent Definition

    • Under Swiss law, a patent is a protective right for an invention; inventions are considered physical solutions, or the application of a unique process, to an existing problem. For an invention to be patentable it must not be obvious to people within the field that the patent applies. An inventor cannot apply for a patent while developing a product; therefore, the Swiss authorities recommend that inventors keep their ideas secret until the invention is complete.

    Swiss Patent Duration

    • A Swiss patent is effective up to a maximum of 20 years (the duration decided by the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property). The patent time frame is based on the estimated time required for the inventor to make a profit and recoup the money invested in the invention development. While the patent is in effect the inventor may legally dictate the terms around the invention's use.

    Swiss Patent Fees

    • The filing fee for a Swiss patent is 200 Swiss francs and 500 Swiss francs for a patent examination. Renewal fees of 200 Swiss francs are due on the seventh and eighth year (after the initial filing) and 310 Swiss francs per year from the ninth year on. Inventions are typically examined three to four years after the initial patent filing.

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