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14 Tips For Greater Happiness

How is your happiness quotient? I realise this is a subjective question, but unless we are really elated or really sad, it is something we don't usually think of quantitatively.
Also certain personalities find it easier to be happy than others do.
Happiness though, is not something that just happens to us.
It is definitely something that we can create and generate more constructively in our own lives, and in the lives of others.
It is also important to do this, as it has positive health benefits.
Here are some helpful tips to help you create more joy and happiness in your life: 1: Forgiveness Forgiveness is the gift you give yourself.
Let go of anything that you have been holding onto and move past it.
2: Acceptance There are many things we hold tightly to that we cannot change, either in another person or a situation.
If it truly is something we cannot change, and it bothers you, stop fighting against and resisting it.
Accept it.
You will be surprised at how much of your personal energy and joy has been robbed from you by your own lack of acceptance.
Occasionally when we accept, a funny thing happens.
It changes the situation and we wonder why we didn't accept before.
3: Do something for someone else If you see a need, help out.
Perhaps even volunteer or do some community work.
You will be amazed at how fulfilling it is.
It's good for your self esteem.
You'll be amazed at how fulfilling it is, and the added benefit is it gets your mind off yourself, and often puts things into perspective.
4: Change your environment Don't mope around the house.
Get out and explore the beauty of nature or some other beautiful place.
Get active.
This has the effect of shifting your focus and physiology and therefore your mood.
5: Smile It's astounding what a little thing like this can do.
It really does start to make you feel better quite quickly.
6: Laugh out loud It sounds ridiculous, but there are even laughter clubs, because laughter has such positive benefits.
It released endorphins, which help you feel great.
See a funny movie or go to a comedy or laughter club, or even watch children playing.
You don't even need a reason.
Just try it, it works.
7: Play music Not a sombre funeral march, but something uplifting or something that makes you want to dance.
It releases endorphins and you'll start to feel good quite quickly.
8: Cuddle a pet Amazingly, it has been scientifically proven that cuddling and petting an animal not only feels good, but promotes healing.
9: Play with children Your own, a friends or nieces and nephews.
Tickle them, play cowboys and indians, hide and seek.
The beautiful music of a child's giggle is very joy giving.
10: Aromatherapy Use scented oils or candles.
This is one of the five senses that can have quite a stimulating effect.
11: Learn to pray or meditate It helps to clarify and dispel a lot of the mental clutter and negativity that anchors us down.
It helps give your heart wings of hope, faith and opportunity to release.
It is profoundly powerful.
12: Complete something If something is important to you, and you've been putting it off for a while - finish it.
Whether it is a particular conversation with someone that you've been avoiding.
Or a job that has remained unfinished for a while.
Just get it done and free yourself up.
13: Catch up on your sleep It's very difficult to be unhappy when you have energy.
Get to bed at a decent hour, and see how much better you feel.
14: Buy a laughter bag It's a silly thing, but quite hilarious.
It will get you going.
There you have it! We have addressed something for each of your five senses, and even a sixth, as well as getting a bit goofy.
These are practical things that work for me, and I'm sure they'll help you eliminate some of the joy burglars from life, and help you choose a happier existence.
Yours positively,

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