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Vocal Singing Lessons Will Provide You the Training That Will Cut You Above the Rest

Everyone remembers their first love.
How many people can say that they are still with their first love? Far and few.
Fortunately, I am one of them.
For my first love is singing.
They say the best kind of love awakens the soul.
Music did that for me.
Initially, it is only a force that surrounds me, enveloping me though I was oblivious to it.
Music is everywhere.
You start your day with the radio on, take the school bus with your iPod headset on full blast, go to sleep with soothing tunes.
You breathe music, whether you like it or not.
I remember picking up a microphone at the tender age of two and singing Judy Garland's Wizard of Oz songs.
I know the lyrics by heart.
I did not know how to read then.
My mother, seeing that I enjoy it, let me join the church choir and community plays.
However, the most notable experience for me was hearing Mary J.
I remember it being gloomy and feeling forlorn.
There was an over-cast that day.
And then her song played on the radio, and I am hooked.
That was the turning point of my life.
Singing the way she does, letting my voice trail in a way that is powerful and magnetic.
I begged and begged my mother to send me to a performing arts school, or at least, vocal singing lessons.
It never occurred to me that singing can be one's bread and butter.
I am aware of it now, but it is more like an after-thought than a goal.
The goal is to be the best singer that I can possibly be.
Money-making is a nice perk, but not an end that I seek.
Maybe that is why my mother is hesitant to send me to a performing art school.
She believes that my musical education should be an investment, and the return on investment would be the success of a professional singing career.
Undeniably, my mother has a good business head.
I have the heart for it, the passion and discipline it requires, so why question my ability to succeed? Forgive me.
Consider this an outlet of my bottled emotions, the subterfuge of my justifications in needing vocal singing lessons.
Singing as you know requires more than talent.
Possession of a gift is different from actually putting it to good use.
Sounding good is subjective.
I can sing like the best of them, in theatre and choir.
I can work with the team and blend in.
Everyone wants to stand out and I am no different.
The lead singer position is the highest attainment feasible for me at this time.
However, the positions are allotted for the most distinct, most clear voices.
That is why it is crucial for me to have vocal singing lessons.
There is no room for mediocrity, only greatness.
Practicing everyday is a must.
It is deeply ingrained my psyche.
I attend practices diligently and then practice some more when I get home.
That is how serious I am about my craft.
I can carry a tune but there is a desire for me to perfect it, to nurture it.
Vocal singing lessons will provide me with the necessary equipment and training that will cut me above the rest.
Which isn't what success requires? A combination of uniqueness and perseverance? Vocal training will not let me my talent get into my head.
The vocal coach will not allow it.
Singing is like a sport.
The vocal coach teaches you not only the technical skills, but also character-building lessons that will help you make it in life.
So mother, please consider my argument about the vocal singing lessons.
Same goes for anyone who is reading this.
I hope it touches your heart and let your child reach for her dream and support him or her in whatever endeavor.

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