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Psychiatrist Duties

    Prescribes Medications

    • After spending a good deal of time with the patient and analyzing the patient's mental condition, a psychiatrist can prescribe specific medications for depression and anxiety, such as Zoloft, Prozac or Paxil. To ensure that these types of drugs are working on the patient, the psychiatrist will take copious notes during the next few sessions with the patient and compare the patient's overall mental health when she is on medication to when she was not taking the drug.

    Counsel Outpatients As Needed

    • As a patient's mental health improves over time due to effective medication treatments and by completing successful therapy sessions with the psychiatrist, the patient will receive outpatient counseling by the psychiatrist. These counseling sessions may involve the psychiatrist telling the patient how much medication to take on a weekly basis so that the patient is able to behave correctly in both social and work environments. The psychiatrist will also give the patient phone numbers he can call if an anxiety attack or other mental breakdown occurs after sessions with the psychiatrist have ended.

    Prepare Diagnostic Reports

    • To supply diagnostic reports for school officials, court judges, lawyers, government officials and other interested parties with regard to a patient's mental stability, a psychiatrist must compile copious notes on the patient. While preparing these in-depth reports, it is a primary job duty to describe the patient's positive or negative reaction to specific drug treatments, psychological counseling sessions and other forms of mental rehabilitation techniques.

    Conduct Research on New Treatments

    • A psychiatrist must conduct research on new ways to treat patients who have problems with depression and anxiety on a continual basis to ensure that she stays on the cutting edge of the psychiatric field. This involves attending psychiatric seminars, viewing medical Web sites for new psychiatric treatments and methodologies and conferring with fellow physicians and psychologists on a regular basis to discuss new psychiatric breakthroughs.

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