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Few Random Ideas

There are two ways to live life.
One is to always talk about you and other is to talk about others.
Yes, it seems that everything around me is vanity and pure vanity.
I see people marketing love, life, products and services every day.
For girls, the beauty products, the slim nature of their bodies and all other unrelated stuffs attract whereas for boys, war and sex are two important fascinations.
There seems that there is no purity or originality in what people are buying and selling.
Everything to me is fake and unreal.
Sometimes, I even wonder as if we are in some sci-fi movies where they make human beings as product and sell them in this present bright blue planet.
What if we are the same product as the products which are sold in the market? For example many modern days technical and fancy stuffs beautiful products.
Maybe we are created to receive suffering in our mortal life.
There is a time limit and there is lots of things to do, in very short period of time.
There are things which look hazy and unreal and there are things which are irrelevant.
Even this short essay is bizarre.
My mind is dull and a lunatic considers everybody mind to be unreal.
He thinks that everybody around him is like him.
I see no point in doing things.
Well, let me give you few pointers on what you should do when you do not have anything to do.
While doing nothing, you still are doing something.
This means that not all of our actions have to be physical.
Our actions can be mental and mental deeds are very important.
There is conflict everywhere.
No country is better than yours or heavenly than others.
Everything is same.
Try to seek similarities in everything that you do or think.
Market your ideas and thoughts wherever and whenever possible.
Talk with friends, share your pain and sorrows, and love your enemies.
Not everything happens as expected hence, let it be; whatever happens in your life are result of your karma.
The latter statement comes from Hindu mythology.
But just remember what happens, happen.
Smile in your sorrows.
This is the best medicine any doctor will give you.
While smiling in your sorrows you let go your pain.
This is just a random ideas of what I was feeling at this very instant.
I hope your life would be pleasurable journey.

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