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How to Buy More Time and Make Money by Using a Virtual Assistant

Running a business can often mean that you have to juggle job roles - salesperson, receptionist, personal assistant and no doubt that of accountant too.
While you may not want to hire, or simply cannot afford to hire, the administrative assistant you desperately need, there is a way you can better focus your time and energy on your core business, and get the help of an assistant without actually hiring someone.
If this sounds like you read on...
It can sometimes feel like you are fighting a losing battle - constantly working late hours, overwhelmed by paperwork and reluctant to make plans for the weekend.
However, if you want to focus on the aspects of your business that you love so that you can increase your revenue, but feel as though that next phase of growth is just beyond your reach, then it's likely that you could benefit enormously by hiring a Virtual Assistant (VA).
But what is a Virtual Assistant? A VA is more than a secretary; it's likely that they run their own small business which means they understand your needs and can normally offer a wider range of skills.
They're experts in their field and will provide you with the same level of care and attention that you give to your clients.
But won't it cost me money to hire a VA? Well yes, but not as much as you cost! A premium VA charges around £25-35ph and typically they will complete tasks in half the time that you would.
If you're thinking that this is expensive, remember that you don't have the legal hassle of an employee and nor do you pay for their holiday, sick leave, pensions etc! A good way to see the cost, and time, benefit is to spend this week making a note of the time you spend on administrative tasks that you cannot normally charge for.
Not only will you be able to see how much time you need a VA for, and how much it's likely to cost, but you can also compare this with how much you would charge a client for the same amount of your time.
What will a VA do? Your VA can undertake a whole host of activities on your behalf; from managing your emails and diary to organizing your travel and preparing client pitches.
They will also tackle those items that have been sat on your 'To Do' List for months, like researching and sourcing the web designer you've been wanting, or that SEO expert who's going to push your business to the top of the Google rankings.
VAs are skilled at getting things done - making things happen.
And they're really interested in your business...
it's what keeps them in business.
But isn't it a bit lazy hiring a VA? Certainly not.
I'm fairly sure you didn't start a business because you love administrative tasks.
Your expertise and interests lie in the core of your business.
However, that's exactly why your VA started their business.
You are their client and you and your admin always comes first.
Many people discover that working with a VA doesn't just represent a burden lifted it is also an opportunity to increase their business revenue and to build a business they love.
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