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HTC Touch Pro 2 - Reviews and Features

The HTC Touch Pro 2 is the follow up design emerging from HTC mobile phone deals.
It is designed to hold all of the unique and varied features of the HTC Touch Diamond and adds further enhancements and features to the phone to create a more business and professional focused mobile phone.
The added weight and larger size of this phone compared with its predecessor are used to make the features faster, bigger and more workable for people who need more memory, applications and a fully mobile office PC.
The HTC Touch Pro 2 keeps the same TouchFlo 3D interface that is used on the Diamond edition which allows people to use their fingers to navigate the menus and applications.
This feature is one of the highlights of this model as it is attractive to business men who use the phone on the go and need to find information quickly on their phones.
One of the main problems people found with the previous models from HTC was the lack of a QWERTY keyboard which made typing more difficult, the HTC Touch Pro 2 has this sliding keyboard installed which is the main reason of the increased weight and depth.
The familiar arrangement and the decent key size allows for easy typing and quick convenient usage for all people well-known with a computer keyboard.
For quick access through the menus and for use in many of the applications which would usually be worked on with a mouse, there is a removable stylus on the bottom of the phone which creates an easy alternative.
The computer programs available on the HTC Touch Pro 2 include Windows Mobile 6,x Professional OS and another useful bonus feature on this HTC Touch Pro 2 is the TV-OUT function which allows power point presentations, pictures, and other multimedia easily seen through a computer monitor or TV screen for a viewing audience.
The 3.
2 mega pixel camera also has videoing capabilities with auto focus and high storage limits and accelerometer for easy viewing.
The advantages associated with having all the incorporated business functions are second to none on this phone.
With the added flexibility, functionality, accessibility and business focused applications it is perfect for anyone needing to keep connected to the office and associates at all times using all forms of media.
Even though it is not the lightest or smallest phone available, there are some brilliant mobile phone deals currently offering the HTC Touch Pro 2 for people to use for business, pleasure, entertainment and communication for all people.

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