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Quick Halloween Crafts for Kids

    • Celebrating Halloween is fun for all ages.halloween image by Freddy Smeets from

      Halloween is a fall holiday that is celebrated in a variety of ways. More than 93 percent of children in the U.S. go trick-or-treating each year.

      Families, schools and businesses decorate indoors and out for this holiday. Orange and black are the common colors for Halloween, orange being for the harvest and black for the concept of darkness.

      Kids enjoy Halloween crafting. Quick and easy crafts are a favorite among teachers, parents, and group leaders.

    Twisty Skeleton

    • Skeletons are a common Halloween decoration or craft.halloween image by Luisafer from

      Children can create a quick and easy skeleton with white chenille stems and marshmallows.

      Show the kids how to twist a white chenille stem around a pencil to make it curly. Each kid should make four curly stems. Push two of the twisty stems into the bottom of a large marshmallow for legs, and two into the sides for arms. Stick a toothpick into the top of the marshmallow skeleton body for a neck. Then, push a mini marshmallow into the top of the toothpick for skeleton's head.

    Orange Jack-o-lanterns

    Flapping Wing Bats

    Scare the Crow

    • Scaring the crows away.scarecrow image by Byron Moore from

      Have some Halloween fun with this quick craft toy. Have each child cut a paper plate in half. Staple the halves together along the curved edges only, leaving the straight edge open. Kids may use markers or crayons to draw a scarecrow face on one side of the craft, and scarecrow hair on the other side. Tape a craft stick or paint stir-stick to the bottom of the scarecrow face.

      Cut simple bird shapes from black construction paper or felt. Clip each crow onto a large paper clip. Tie a two-foot length of string onto the paper clip. Tape or staple the other end of the string onto an edge of the scarecrow face.

      To play with the toy, children will flip the scarecrow so that the "scared" crow flies. Kids will try to catch the crow inside the scarecrow's head.

    Howling Ghosts

    Halloween Pencil Top Erasers

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