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Top 3 Tips to Avoid Marketing Failure

Marketing is perhaps one of the most challenging departments for every large corporation.
Marketing is often looked upon to bring big results in a short amount of time.
However many of the biggest corporations make the same mistakes as small business owners.
Below are a few of the biggest marketing mistakes that both big and small companies have done, and what you can do to avoid them.
Being Something to Everybody - Many times marketers will try to expand their reach prematurely.
This will inevitably lead to a floundering business identity that cannot sustain the unstable market.
As a result, know your customer base and try to speak to them on a consistent basis.
This will not only help you in maintaining your brand identity but will help in keeping top of mind when they need to make purchases within your market.
Product Differentiation - Many times, people will conceive an idea off of something that already exists.
This can be a big problem as many times the product you are offering is something too similar to your competitors.
As a result, try to come up with unique selling points (USPs) that speak to your target demographic.
Come up with entirely new concepts that your competitors haven't used.
This will not only help you in creating new selling points, but will make it seem like an entirely different product from your competitors.
Lack of Segmentation - Perhaps the most beneficial tactic to just about any marketing plan is segmentation.
Segmentation of your audience allows you to create personalized copy and imagery that will speak to each person.
Analyze your complete customer base to see the make up is, and develop copy that speaks to their age, background, location, etc.
The more segmentation and personalization you can do, the better.
So try and look at overarching trends, patterns and similarities among your demographics and develop a separate plan for each.
When the economy strikes hard, try to avoid the knee jerk reaction of expanding to attract more customers.
Instead, dive down further into your customer base, and extract marketing data and trends that can help in expanding the demographics which would be most attracted to your product.

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