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How to Tell If You Have the Latest Worm in Your Computer

    • 1). Turn on your computer. Download anti-virus software from a reputable online site (see Resources). Select "Download" to start downloading the software. Click "Save File" to save the download to your computer. Select "Run" once the download of the file is complete, to install the software.

    • 2). Double-click on the file to open the program. Select "Scan" on the anti-virus menu to allow the program to scan your computer for worms. Review the results of the scan and click "Fix" to resolve all problems. Click "X" in the upper, right corner to close the program.

    • 3). Activate your firewall to keep out worms and viruses. Go to the "Start" menu and click "Control Panel." Select "Security" to be taken to the Security Center. Find "Windows Firewall" and click "Turn Windows firewall on or off." Click "Change Settings" and click "On." Select "OK" to save the settings and close out of the program.

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