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How to Enter a Canada Postal Code the Correct Way

    • 1). Visit the Canada Post website to look up the postal code. You will need the street number, name, city and province. If you already have the full Canadian postal address including the postal code, then skip this step.

    • 2). Designate "Foreign Address" in your mailer, address or contacts program. Some software may not have this capability. Otherwise, type the Canada postal code where the USA ZIP code is typically entered.

    • 3). Save the address or contact. If you receive an error message in regard to the Canada postal code, you may need to consult your software's manual on how to designate and enter foreign addresses.

    • 4). Type the Canada address and postal code manually on your letter, envelope or packing label. If the software cannot accept a foreign address in the contacts database, manually entering the information is a viable solution.

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