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Go Sleeveless - But Won"t the Rest of My Body Fall Behind If I Just Focus on My Upper Arms?

In response to his increasing popularity and shrinking schedule, Rylan Duggan, "Problem Part Expert" and owner of Adonis Fitness in British Columbia, Canada designed the downloadable, women's-only fitness program, Go Sleeveless. Women who wanted to shape and sculpt their upper arms could now do it in the comfort of their own home and it was like having Rylan Duggan himself there to guide and support. Still, there were skeptics out there and to the untrained eye, Go Sleeveless looked like an ineffective fitness program. How could a fitness program that seemingly only focused on getting rid of "bat wings" address all the health and wellbeing needs of the modern day woman?

For anyone with exercise and fitness experience, Go Sleeveless might appear to be an individual body part training program with focus on the upper arms. Individual body part training, also called Split Training is an older form of training that has been rendered ineffective due to a few reasons:
  • It does not attack every problem spot on the body.
  • The same amount of energy from a split training session could be used in a full body workout to get better results.
  • It can cause the rest of the body to lag behind in terms of recovery, balance and overall fitness.

Rylan Duggan dispells this concern by saying this: "When I created Go Sleeveless I knew women like you needed to fix their problem arms, but I also knew that if you have problem arms, you probably have some other areas of your body that you aren't happy with as well. That's why I designed Go Sleeveless to be a full-body transforming program that places extra focus on toning and sculpting your arms."

By starting on Page 19, Go Sleeveless immediately address the excess fat problem with the chapter titled, "The Cardiovascular Training Program". If you're familiar with cardio, then you would know how long, boring and ineffective it usually is. It does what it's meant to do, which is burn fat, but you also end up losing a lot of muscle as well. Ultimately what this means for women is saggier arms; the fat's gone, but the skin's still there. There's no shape or definition.

Go Sleeveless has a unique cardio program that alternates between fast and slow paces. Even though the workout is only 18 minutes long, your body will remain in a high metabolic state that allows it to use fat from all over the body as fuel hours after the workout has finished. This means less fat and skin that "clings" back to the muscle.

Then on Page 23, Go Sleeveless address the shaping aspect with the chapter called, "The Strength Training Program". Don't let the name fool you; although you will be working with weights, they will be light. The focus is not on bulking up like a bodybuilder. It's on maintaining the muscle beneath the dwindling fat.

By paying attention to both cardio and strength training, fat storages are regulated and muscle is maintained. Go Sleeveless is definitely not a split training fitness program.

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