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Fun Games to Play at a Farewell Work Party

    Gimme Gimme

    • This game is best with a larger group of people and can be a funny way to send off the departing co-worker. Explain that you are making an on-the-spot care basket for the co-worker and you need certain items. Pull out pre-made cards one at a time from a jar that feature common office items, like a $10 bill, a box of tissue, a quarter, a chain of 10 paper clips and so on. Whoever runs up to you first with the correct item receives a small prize. It's a good idea to have a basket of prizes right there. Once you have collected all the items, ceremoniously present the items in the basket to the departing co-worker.

    Guess the Movie

    • There are plenty of movie themes and quotes that have to do with moving on, leaving an office or retiring. Collect about 20 clues to famous movies that fit the departure theme and list them on a piece of paper. An example includes, "Arnold Schwarzenegger's famous three-word catchphrase from The Terminator" (I'll be back). Give party guests a set time to complete the movie quiz, and whoever gets the most right wins a prize.

    Theme Song

    • Divide guests into teams of four people and explain that each team must create a theme song for the departing co-worker. Each team receives a unique list of six random words---for example: apple, calendar, flying, NASCAR, prison and wedding dress. The teams have 15 minutes to compose a song that expresses well wishes to the departing co-worker, but must also use all six words. Advise teams to use familiar melodies, such as "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" or "Mary Had a Little Lamb" when composing. After all the teams have performed their theme songs, the guest of honor gets to choose his favorite and award the prize.

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