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Are Fathers" Rights Advocates Part Of The Problem Or The Solution?

Under divorce and paternity suits, a judge orders one of two fit parents into a non custodial status, while the other takes on custodial status - i.e. living with the child. Fathers are overwhelmingly targeted to be non custodial parents for operationally one reason - they are men. So, what should fathers right advocates advocate about this?

The non custodial status encompasses the loss of a host of fundamental (i.e. constitutional) rights. These include parental rights (i.e. right to care, control, nurture, and directly support your child), effectively what job you can work at as it relates to your ability to pay an assigned child support order, limitation on where you can go such as traveling out of the country if you owe child support, and more. Nonpayment of the assigned child support will prompt confiscation of your property and jail.

Such a status is constitutionally illegal. It is virtually a slave status. Additionally, the legal process by which a father is assigned this status is unconstitutional since the denial of any fundamental right, such as parental rights, must find the parent to be unfit, by clear and convincing evidence or shown to present serious (life-threatening harm) to the child. This is generally never the case. Child support payments under this true scenario are more accurately termed child extortion payments since the law puts no restriction on what the mother can use these 'child support' payments for.

Many studies have shown that the judicial and legislative creation of this dual and extremely unequal status for fit parents actually encourages women to file divorce and paternity suits for the selfish benefits it brings them and thereby helps to create a society growing more fatherless everyday.

It most often leads to the destruction of father-child relationships, the dissolution of families, and the undermining of the wealth and legacy that fathers create for their children (and families). It effectively brings about the civil murder of fathers. The present system is responsible for much of the social pathology associated with fatherless children. This system is obviously not in the best interests of the child.

The guaranteed child extortion payments that the noncustodial status brings, is the engine that supports this tyrannical system. It's also the basis for funding a whole industry known as the Divorce and Domestic Violence Industry (DDVI). The DDVI lobbies for more of the same and always against a status guaranteeing equal parenting rights and full individual rights for both fit parents - which is the only constitutional status for parents (i.e. a real father and mother).

Fathers rights advocates correctly claim that these payments leave non custodial fathers with little, if any to live on. These payments are almost never diminished when fathers' incomes go down, and many fathers are assigned or fall into support orders significantly above the already draconian child support guidelines levels for their circumstance.

This puts fathers in an untenable position and ripe for jailing - a clearly unconstitutional arrangement. Horror stories on these issues abound including father suicides. Often fathers, left dead broke, careers destroyed, homes broken irreparably, are tracked down by 'our government' to be thrown in jail under the applause of a public ignorant of the evil that is the divorce and paternity process carried out by our family courts judges.

*Misdirected Advocates:

Unfortunately, many fathers' rights advocates simply argue for a solution to their untenable or grievous circumstance that the guidelines need to be made more reasonable, more easily adjusted when incomes drop - simply more 'payer' friendly. But this approach still justifies the present system we've just called unconstitutional in every way. By taking that approach these father advocates are validating the very system that is extorting money from them while stealing their children - a system based upon putting them in a constitutionally illegal status by means of a constitutionally illegal process.

Fathers' rights advocates such as these are acting like slaves arguing for better slave conditions (or as prisoners fighting for better prison conditions). They don't realize they aren't supposed to be slaves in the first place and they're not prisoners who belong in prison. That most important point is NOT getting out to the public! These advocates are only pruning the branches on the divorce/paternity tyranny tree. Pruning makes healthier trees!

We need fathers (and other decent people) to be hacking at its roots!

*Read the constitutions and the Bill of Rights and then Rebel:

Fathers' rights advocates must recognize what they should be fighting for. Read our constitution, the bill of rights, the further amendments, and learn what fundamental rights we are guaranteed to have.

Fathers must demand their constitutional rights to parent (i.e. nurture, care, and directly support) their children - at least half time (for equality), and enjoy all other rights associated with earning, working, saving, that all other citizens of the U.S. enjoy.

Non custodial fathers should refuse to support, validate, or participate - in any way - in this divorce/paternity tyranny that thrives by denying them their rights, their children, and their freedom. Fathers should demand prosecution of judges that unconstitutionally put them in these slave positions. This should be the meat of their testimony- and nothing else.

For slavery to exist, it requires the cooperation of the slaves. Your slavery is part of the war on fathers and fatherhood taking place now. Gather fortitude and endurance, and prepare for the sacrifice necessary to undertake to fight it. That's what's required of all warriors when fighting a war.

And as recognized repeatedly throughout history: 'Those who don't fight for their rights and freedom, neither get them nor deserve them'.

Are you part of the solution or part of the problem?

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