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Kettlebell Routines Will Improve Your Workouts

Kettlebells are great if you are looking for ways to spice up your exercise routine.
They provide you with a weight with a handle attached to it for easy handling.
By having to hang on to the kettlebell you will increase your forearm strength considerably, not to mention several other muscle groups that you are targeting by swinging the kettlebell around.
By using kettlebells you can work almost every part of your body, especially the more practical ones.
The best part about them is that it lets you work out in practical ways giving you "real life" scenarios when you weight train.
For instance, you never have to do a solid bench press unless you're at a gym, or if a tree falls on you and pins you to the ground, but the odds of that happening are pretty slim.
Kettlebell exercises involve mostly swinging motions that force your core to do its job.
If you have a bad back than chances are if you work on your core, the muscles developed will compensate for your back.
I would go and see a doctor before you try anything though to be on the safe side.
The most popular kettlebell routine is probably squats.
There are a couple of variations of this exercise but one requires you to hold the weight behind your back.
Keeping your back straight and the kettlebell in both hands behind your back, proceed to squat as normal.
Another variation you can do is hold a wide stance which is commonly referred to as the "sumo" squat.
With the wide stance you will hold the kettlebell between your legs, and keep your back straight as possible.
Again, it's the technique that's most important here.
You don't want to do a pile improperly and end up hurting yourself.
A good cooldown to any exercise is a good idea, it gives your muscles a chance to relax and it will make you less stiff the next day.
Try taking the kettlebell and swinging it around you in circles around you.
Just transfer the kettlebell from hand to hand and maintain that swinging motion.
You need to have a sure grip so you don't have an iron ball flying across the room, but its great for building forearm strength.
When doing this exercise be sure to have lots of room around you, and make sure there aren't any breakables nearby...
just in case.

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