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How to Remove a Window Regulator from a 1991 Camry

    • 1). Remove the inside door handle cover with a flathead screwdriver. Chisel all around the handle cover before pulling it off. Repeat this step with speaker grills if you have any in the door.

    • 2). Pull the whole door panel off by removing the screws around the perimeter of the panel with a screwdriver. There should be about five screws.

    • 3). Pull the window glass all the way up, and use electrical or duct tape to secure it in the up position. Make sure the window is taped well; if it falls, it will shatter and/or hurt your hands. Use pliers to remove the bolts that keep the window fastened to the regulator.

    • 4). Unplug the regulator's motor and remove the bolts that fasten the regulator into the door with your pliers. The plug is located at the end of the electrical chord attached to the regulator. It will be plugged into an electrical plug of a similar shape on the door. The regulator is shaped like an X and is positioned flat against the door.

    • 5). Wiggle the regulator gently until it comes out. With the window bolts unscrewed, motor bolts unscrewed and motor unplugged, your regulator is ready to come out; but doing so is not as easy as it sounds. You need to ease the regulator out through the small space you have in the door. Lay the regulator flat on the ground so that you don't lose any parts. You are now ready to install a new regulator in your Camry.

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