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Diabetes and Periodontal Disease Two Potential Killers

There are 4 stages of Periodontal Disease: Gingivitis is when the gums bleed but there is no bone lost.
This is the only stage which its reversible.
This is why its important to visit your dentist to evaluate your condition if you are a person with diabetes.
Early Periodontitis is when the gums bleed and you have lost some bone.
Again, you must visit your dentist to see what stage your condition presents.
Most of my patients that have diabetes come in at this stage and they ask if they can have a cleaning.
Unfortunately, I am not able to do just a simple cleaning.
That is done only when the mouth is healthy.
With them they already have the infection.
Moderate and Advanced Periodontitis is when the gums bleed, more bone is lost and one can start getting pus coming out of the areas between the gums and teeth.
Those areas between the gum and teeth are called pockets.
The more bone that is lost the deeper the pockets.
Therefore, more bacteria, fungus, and other organism are able to multiply and create havoc with your gums and bone.
At this stage the person with diabetes is not to comfortable eating so then the situation can get out of control very easy especially if they take insulin and they are not able to eat.
Periodontal Disease is sometimes called the "Sixth Complication of Diabetes".
Diabetics are 3-4 times more likely to develop gum disease than others who have no diabetics.
There is also a problem with wound healing and the immunity from the blood which I mentioned earlier.
One of the most difficult issues I face every day in practice is that fact that there is tremendous fear and dental anxiety.
I truly understand this.
I do want you to know that a dental evaluation does not hurt.
The only steps that are done at that visit is an exam and x-rays taken to see the bone level.
Then you should get a consultation to explain any problems that may exist.
Nothing should be done unless you want it to be.
Have the dentist explain everything in terms you can understand.
I do this everyday.
I even show my patients how to read an x-ray in less than a minute.
Then that truly makes them realize that what I am saying is true.
Its their choice what direction they want to take.
I empower them to make informed decisions about their overall health which will affect them the rest of their life.
I have been in the dental field for 35 years and realize that dental health has not been a priority for many.
They feel that one can live without teeth but its not the teeth themselves.
Is what having the teeth and healthy gums can do to improve your quality of life.
Imagine not being able to eat an apple or being able to eat corn on the cob or other foods that need the crushing action of the molars.
Front teeth were not made to chew food and make it ready to be swallowed.
Front teeth are only there to bite the food not crush it.
This also may lead to digestive problems I truly hope that with this article I have been able to inspire at least one person that has Diabetes to go to their dentist and them evaluate their oral health so you can be empowered to live the life that you deserve.
I say this because my father who was an uncontrolled diabetic did not listen and 11 years ago passed away from complications of this disease.
I know he would still be hear if he just would have listened.
Please listen and get your mouth checked.
It could save your life! GOD BLESS!

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