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Care of Tannis Plants

    Tannis in Plants

    • The proportion of tannins in plants is not uniform. In some plants, tannins are present in large quantities, while in many others, they can be low in both quality and quantity. Care for tannin plants thus differs slightly depending on which particular plant is being discussed. Coffee and tea are among the most popular tannin-rich plants.

    Coffee Plants

    • Care for coffee plants involves misting the leaves every week or so. Coffee plants have to be placed in a warm area, but direct sunlight should be avoided. The plants can handle only approximately an hour a day of sunlight at the most. The potting mix should be thoroughly mixed in spring, fall and summer. The plants should also be repotted into a bigger pot every season. Animals don't eat these leaves or plants mainly because tannins keep them away, so few or no pesticides are required.

    Tea Plants

    • Tea is another plant with high tannin content. Care for a tea plant is easy, although tea is not native to North America. The plant should be be rooted away from other plants and continually kept trimmed so the height of the plant reaches no more than 3 to 5 feet. Ample water, soils with good pH levels and dry fertilizer are the best nutrients for tea plants.

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