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How to Become an X Ray Technician - Three Simple Suggestions to Start Your Career Right

Can you really say that you know everything there is to start a great career as an x ray technician? Well, once you're done with the suggestions mentioned below, you will easily start your career as a radiology technician.
Start Reading More about This Career To understand this career, you need to go through medical books and other literature to understand what your duties will be.
The following are some of the tasks expected from you:
  • Handling x ray equipment to take 'insider' pictures of the body to help doctors diagnose patients' cases
  • Preparing patients for x rays
  • Developing x ray film
However, your duties may differ depending on your specialty.
Some common specialties you can consider are mammography, computed tomography (CAT) scan, and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI).
State laws will define what diagnostic imaging techniques an x ray technician should use, so make sure to find out about those as well.
Seek Professional Training There are so many training options available for you.
You can choose to earn a certificate, an associate degree or a bachelor's degree.
However, you should choose wisely because your career depends on the type of training you undergo.
If you have already been working in the health care field and want to switch jobs or add to your medical knowledge, a one-year x ray technician program will be sufficient.
However, if you're a high school graduate, you won't have enough knowledge to choose this option, which is why you should pursue an associate's degree or a bachelor's degree.
A two-year associate degree is the most common credential pursued by today's aspiring radiology technicians.
However, because it still won't impress your prospective employer much, you should seek certification through the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT).
Though certification is optional for associate degree and bachelor's degree holders, it will ensure you of better career opportunities and a higher pay.
Start Applying at Different Hospitals To start your career as an x ray technician, you need to apply at different hospital and medical centers.
At first, you may face rejection, especially if you haven't earned your certification or don't have many years of experience.
However, be firm and keep on applying whenever you find a job opening.
To help you with your interview, here are some points that can impress your potential employers:
  • Exhibit qualities such as the ability to work with a team and attention to detail.
    These will show you off as a professional.
  • When asked about your expectant salary, ask them what they offer.
    In general, you will be paid between $44,900 and $49,500.
    However, if you're skilled and certified, your salary can reach up to $55,300.
  • Be truthful about your skills and qualification.
    If you don't know something, admit that fact but show that you're willing to learn.
With these three suggestions, you can rest assured that your career as an x ray technician will be a successful one right from the start.

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