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How to Remove Rusted Screws

    • 1). Soak the screw with a lubricant or other product designed to loosen and lubricate rusted screws. Make sure that a liberal amount of lubricant is sprayed onto the screw and surrounding area.

    • 2). Allow the lubricant to soak the screw for an hour or so. Try to unscrew it with a screwdriver. If the screw turns and starts to come out, keep spraying the lubricant on the threads.

    • 3). Drill into the center of the screw with an electric drill with a bit made for drilling into metal. Also make sure the bit is smaller than the screw so as not to damage the hole. The screw should break up as it is drilled.

    • 4). Remove any pieces of the screw in the hole by using a shop vac.

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