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Wild and Naughty! Rear Entry Positions That You Are Not Trying

The rear entry position has long been a favorite for men but woman enjoy the widely different sensations possible in rear positioned intercourse.
At first new positions will be awkward to articulate but in no time each of you will be coaxing the other to one of these position because of the heightened ceiling of pleasure.
Rear Entry Positions That You Aren't Trying.
Most time couples do not engage in these next two revealed positions because they have always associated rear positions with dog style positions.
Of course I'm not downplaying the standards, just adding new excitement.
The following are both standing positions which leaves your hands free to manipulate sensual zones on your partner or thrust her vagina over your penis by holding her clitoral area with a vibrator.
Articulation of Toe Touch Position: From a standing position: the female bends to touch toes with you standing straight behind her.
Her pelvic is lifted and vaginal opening aligned with your penis.
One hand should be guiding the thrusts.
Do begin with slower movement and half thrust because the position can be painful if the woman's arousal elevation is not reached prior.
Your free hand should be on the labium and clitoral region while thrusting and use of a vibration toy on lower speed is recommended for her full orgasmic pleasure.
Articulation of Elevated Rear Entry Elevation 1: Male standing at edge of bed, Woman's torso elevated on bed with use of pillows or blankets for comfort and legs on side of bed between males legs and bed edge.
Again the man has freedom of hands.
One placed on the small of the woman's back to assist guidance of intercourse and the other with a small vibrator on the woman's labium and clitoral region or hand manipulation.
Elevation 2: Same as one but with the use of an elevated padded surface.
Elevation 3: This one requires the purchase of sex hammock or sometimes called a sex swing.
Again as with both above elevations the woman is bent over the hammock or swing.
You will need both hands to pull the swing into you.
Give her the vibrator and get the added sensual of watching her get after it.

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