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Job Description for Assistant General Manager


    • Most employers only require a high school diploma or GED for this occupation, but employment opportunities may increase for those who obtain at least an associate's degree in hospitality, business administration or a related discipline.


    • Most employers require at least three years of experience managing operations in a fast-paced environment. These professionals must have strong customer service skills, as well as the ability to motivate staff to ensure profitability for the organization on a daily basis.


    • Assisting the general manager to oversee all aspects and daily operations includes hiring, training and motivating staff to meet daily goals. This includes delegating authority and assigning staff responsibilities, resolving employee conflicts and ensuring each scheduled shift is properly staffed. These professionals develop sales goals and maintain daily financial budgets and reports to ensure increasing revenues. Work can include suggesting improvements to attract customers by establishing service standards, marketing the establishment and working with executives to improve products or services.


    • Because this occupation is related to employers who provide products or services to customers seven days per week and late or overnight hours, work hours may vary. Assistant general managers may be required to work day, evening or overnight shifts as needed by the employer. These professionals often work a combination of these shifts, and may be required to work overtime.


    • In most cases, assistant general managers are offered a base salary, as well as bonuses or commission based on generated revenue and the ability to meet sales goals on a monthly and yearly basis. In May 2010, listed a national average salary of $59,942 per year for this occupation.

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