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How to Install Mac Tiger From Disk Image

    Create & Restore the Disk Image

    • 1). Create the Disk Image. Insert the Mac OS X Tiger Install DVD into your computer. Open "Disk Utility" and select the "Install DVD" from the sidebar.

    • 2). Select "New Image" and name the disk image "Mac OS X Install DVD." Select a save folder and leave the options as they are; select "Save" and allow Disk Utility to copy the image to your computer.

    • 3). Insert your FireWire drive into your computer. Open "Disk Utility" again, and select the FireWire drive from the sidebar.

    • 4). Select the "Restore" tab, drag the Mac OS X Install DVD image file into the "Source" box and drag the FireWire drive into the "Destination" box. Select "Restore" and confirm. Disk Utility will now copy the disk image to your FireWire drive.

    Install Mac OS X Tiger

    • 1). Insert the FireWire drive into the system you'd like to install Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger onto.

    • 2). Open "System Preferences" via the "Apple" menu. Select "Startup Disk," select your FireWire drive and select "Restart." Your computer will now boot into the Mac OS X Install DVD disk image on your FireWire drive.

    • 3). Follow the installation instructions and prompts. Once the installation is complete, you may remove the FireWire drive and enjoy your fresh Tiger install.

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