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The Final Evolution - Apple iPod Classic 160GB

1st Generation iPod •The first generation of iPods came out in October of 2001.
Its slogan was "1,000 songs in your pocket.
" It boasted of 5GB of memory, a black and white LCD screen and used a primitive mechanical scroll wheel surrounded by 4 auxiliary buttons to navigate its menu.
At that time, these specs were already impressive.
On March 2002, a 10GB of this same model came out the market.
Unfortunately this first generation iPod can only be enjoyed by MAC users and uses FireWire to connect to your computer.
2nd Generation iPod •Launched in July 2002, this particular iPod could also be enjoyed by PC users.
They made the 2nd Generation iPod Classic available in 5GB, 10GB and 20GB models.
Its scroll wheel was replaced by a touch sensitive wheel, a redesigned hold switch and more rounded corners and edges.
3rd Generation iPod •This generation of the iPod came out in April 2003 and the main difference it had was that it now connects through a dock instead of FireWire.
This generation introduced the Touch Wheel with the four auxiliary buttons moved in a row above the touch screen.
It was sold in 10GB, 15GB and 30GB models in a thinner package.
iTunes also became available to both PC and MAC users, simply requiring the user to format their iPods for PC use.
On September 2003, the 15GB and 30GB models were upgraded to 20GB and 40GB models respectively.
4th Generation iPod •This generation of the iPod came out in July of 2004 and has now the touch-sensitive click wheel placing the auxiliary buttons beneath the wheel.
This more energy efficient iPod came in 20GB and 40GB models.
This generation also had better battery efficiency and was slightly thinner than the previous generation.
In October 2004 and September 2005, a special 30GB U2 and a Harry Potter edition was released for this model.
1 Generation iPod •This iPod was launched around the same time the U2 edition was released.
It enabled users to view photos of various formats in a 220x176 pixel LCD screen and on your TV screen.
It came in 40GB and 60GB models.
In February 2005, Apple dropped the 40GB model and replaced it with a slightly cheaper 30GB model.
1 Generation iPod •The 20GB iPod was now included in the colored screen line-up and the 60GB model became more affordable in price.
5th Generation iPod •The 5th generation iPod classic came out in October 2005 and became known as the iPod Video.
It was sold in 30GB and 60GB models and also had a U2 iPod Video released.
You can play your photos and videos on a TV set by connecting it to your iPod.
It was later updated to include a brighter screen, gapless and longer playback and a search feature among other improvements.
Later on, the 60GB model was upgraded to 80GB.
6th Generation iPod Classic •This is the latest iPod out in the market and was launched September 2007.
They've named this iPod the Classic because of its thin body and an anodized aluminum front plate which is a leap from the previous generations that used polycarbonate plastic.
Its battery life is a superb 36 hours of audio playback and 6 hours of video playback.
This model was sold in 80GB, 120GB and 160GB models.
Apple later on decided to drop the first two and kept the slim 160GB classic instead.
Many have come to challenge the reign of the iPod Classic but have failed miserably.
When it first came out in October 2001, iPod immediately became an icon among all other kinds of mp3 players.
Its simple and sleek design and intuitive user interface has become its main selling point.
Through the years, the iPod has evolved through six generations, with the Apple iPod Classic 160GB being its final masterpiece still waiting to evolve yet again.

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