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Billionaire Ed Mercer Now Supervising 100 People On How To Become A Millionaire

There is so much information available in the different forms of media, such as on the internet or in libraries or in newspapers or on the radio or on television and more, on how to become a millionaire. Many articles, books, programs and seminars have been delivered all around the world to show people how to make money, how to be wealthy and how to become a millionaire. Yet, in my experience I have never heard of a millionaire or a billionaire or even a wealthy person who has not reached the millionaire or billionaire status that is willing to sacrifice their own time and actually sit down with a person and take them step by step through the practical accomplishment of wealth.

I say I never have met or know of this type of person or mentor, until August this year, two thousand and twelve. Billionaire Ed Mercer has officially and publicly announced that he will be creating one hundred new millionaires within the time period of two years starting on 4 August 2012 in order to shatter a Guinness World Record. There are, at the time of writing, forty six people who have signed up as €millionaires in training' to learn how to become a millionaire with Ed Mercer as their mentor. This is not a campaign to create hype and boost the ego of Ed Mercer but it is a genuine and sincere attempt, or should I say fact that Ed Mercer will ensure that one hundred people from wherever they are reside in the world become millionaires. Ed will sacrifice his own time and give of his immense forty years of knowledge to ensure that at least, it will probably be a lot more, one hundred people are taught how to become millionaires and also literally and financially turn into millionaires.

Ed Mercer is currently helping forty seven people, who have already joined the campaign as pupil or millionaires in training. All forty seven people are sacrificing whatever it needs in order to carry out what Ed Mercer is and continues to teach them so that they can become millionaires as quickly as possible. Those people who eventually do not have the determination and perseverance, like Ed has and will teach people to have, will obviously not become millionaires as they have €given up' for all sorts of their own personal reasons. Let Edward Mercer teach you how to become a millionaire by clicking on the link provided below, listening to Ed's video, completing the form and submitting it and then waiting for a phone call from one of Ed's program coordinator's to help you take the next step to becoming a millionaire. Do not drag your feet about deciding whether to join Ed's campaign or not. Just listen to the video and then sign up.

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