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How do I Fix MP3 CBR Time Errors?

    • 1). Fix your MP3 CBR time errors with MP3 Repair Tool (see Resources). This free program features basic repair options, automating the process to detect and fix problems with minimal work or knowledge from the user. After installing the program, you simply open the MP3 in it and click "Repair." The tool will scan the file, detect the problem and offer to repair it.

    • 2). Fix your MP3 CBR time errors with MP3 Diags (see Resources). This free tool is used to handle all the non-audio aspects of MP3 files. This includes title, bit rate and time information. To fix an MP3, you only need to install the program and open the MP3 in it. After highlighting the MP3, clicking the repair icon (a wrench and screwdriver) allows you to check the MP3, fix the time errors and save a working copy.

    • 3). Fix your MP3 CBR time errors with TidySongs (see Resources). This free program is more powerful than the other two, offering a wider range of repair and customization options. It caters to users with a bit more computer experience. Opening the MP3 in the "Fix Songs" tab will display all the song's info, including the screwed-up time. The large "Fix" button does the rest.

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