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4 Most Essential Things You Must Do If You Want Your Ex Back! Read This As Fast As Possible

Going through a breakup is draining - physically and emotionally.
It is not an easy task picking up the pieces.
You and your ex were so closed before that both your lives were intertwined.
Now that you've split, it's like losing your left hand.
Do you want your ex back? If you do here are some tips that you can try to win your ex back.
Say you are sorry - It does not matter whose fault it was.
What is essential is that you communicate with your ex how sorry you are that you parted ways.
If your ex responds or not is beside the point too.
If your ex will not take your call, just send an email or letter expressing your sentiments.
Sometime, a "dumper" just needs some attention.
Saying you are sorry is giving your ex attention.
Make yourself scarce - After saying you are sorry, stay away from your ex.
Now is the time to make your ex lover how important you are in his/her life.
Give your ex the time to miss you.
Let your ex feel the loneliness of not having you around.
If he or she has gotten used to your company, trust that your ex is missing you too.
Have some fun - Call your friends and hang out.
Spend some time with your family and catch up on the latest news.
You have forgotten that you have faithful kin and friends who are behind and beside you all the way.
Now is the time to rekindle old friendship and kinship.
Your ex might actually be proud of what you are doing and might call you to do say so.
Give you're a chance - If your ex calls just to say "hello" be receptive.
Do not play hard to get or please because you might scare away your ex, again.
If you have given your ex ample time to assess the situation and the green leaves are turning to orange and still no action, move on.

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