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What is a Performance Coach?

The truth is coaches vary in flavour though the core of coaching remains the same.
A coaching relationship facilitates change.
Where the changes are made can vary for each coachee but then it is them that are driving the experience.
To ascertain whether a performance coach is what you need then you must first assess what area of your life you require increased performance within.
Knowing this may lead you to seek out a specific coach in that field, or maybe a mentor who can complement the coaching with their expertise, wisdom and experience.
A coach doesn't necessarily have the same level of experience to draw from as a mentor, as to coach somebody does not require previous experience of the goals their clients are trying to achieve.
The experience in a coaching relationship is always with the coachee and it is totally unique to them in their current situation.
Mentors are generally very experienced within a given domain and it is that experience that is drawn upon to grow their protégés.
In this article I have decided to list what I believe are the main factors of a Performance Coach.
A Performance Coach explores all of your goals and aspirations to ascertain exactly what you are looking to achieve through the relationship.
These goals are constantly re-visited and clarified to ensure they are correct as often the goals that a client brings to a coach are changed and developed over time.
This is because through coaching individuals are able to gain a much deeper understanding of themselves and where they desire to go.
In my personal opinion the reason that most people don't get what they want out of life is because they don't actually know what they want.
A Performance Coach will then explore the internal systems within the client to ensure they are fully optimized to hit the goals that have been set.
This will include exploring the values of the individual, which if they have never been done before can be extremely powerful in itself.
In knowing what drives you and what values you assign the greatest preference to, you have a potent fuel mix to inspire you to your goals.
If you use a value system that doesn't inspire you in a bid to achieve your goals then you will be hindering yourself from maximum performance.
The values of an individual will never change as it forms the bedrock of who we all are.
What will change over time is the priority we assign to each of these values and that will be related to how we are honouring them in our lives currently.
Similar to goal setting, this is an area that requires regular re-visiting.
Another factor in the internal systems is beliefs.
Our belief systems provide us with our limitations and boundaries and can affect our level of aspiration as well as achievement.
Working with a coach around belief systems has huge benefits and can unlock possibility from within simply through paradigm shifts in the mind.
Unlike values which are a part of who we are, our belief systems are much more malleable and can be worked upon to be expanded, developed and even destroyed.
Some beliefs are referred to as limiting because they prevent us from fulfilling our true potential.
Many beliefs are inherited from the people that were around us during impressionable times and have never been held under a microscope or examined.
For maximum performance it is important to have a comprehensive understanding of the belief systems that you have about yourself.
A Performance Coach will work with you on all of the above areas and become a powerful partner in your route to the top.
This is because they will learn to understand how you think, feel, act and operate meaning they will know how best to work alongside you to provide the best environment for maximum performance.
Each Coach will vary in the techniques that they use though many of the traditional techniques including Coaching Models and NLP will appear as relatively standard practices within the industry.
A Performance Coach will be 100% focused on the client and their experience.
It should go without saying that this is the case; however there is still an overlap at times with mentoring or consultancy where you are actually paying somebody to give you advice.
Coaches are not there to advise you, they are there to help facilitate your growth by working totally with the client.
Performance is a mindset and success comes from making the right habits.
A Performance Coach will work alongside you to help you develop that mindset and take action toward your future.
It is possible to expand on this in many ways, as there are many books explaining the coaching process, but I'll leave it as that for the purpose of this article.
So now you have an idea of what a Performance Coach is who needs a Performance Coach?In truth, everybody can develop and benefit from coaching though to require a Performance Coach I would say you need to have a level of ambition that demands success.
If you are looking to improve, get better or make some progress then it will probably be wiser for you to buy a book and do your own research as Performance Coaching may not be the answer.
However, if you want to exceed beyond limitations and break into new ground then Performance Coaching is aimed at you.
Even if you don't know how or even if it is possible, through a strongly forged partnership huge goals can be met.
Also the ideal coaching client will require an open mind as they will be exploring new territory with fresh eyes and everything they knew before will be irrelevant to the amount of success they shall be preparing to receive.

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