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Flex application development creates eye-catching websites

Flex is a free, open source framework for building highly interactive web applications that deploy consistently on all major browsers, desktops, and operating systems. Flex creates SWF files that are rendered by Flash Player. Flex applications are delivered on the web via the Flash Player or to the desktop via Adobe AIR.

Apart from this, web development services are quite commonly known in the world of Internet. It is actually the development of various web applications to form a website and includes all the components that are required to precede with the task, like web designing, and e-commerce, content development of a website, web server configuration and server-side/client-side coding.

Flex application development is a newly introduced term and may not be known by many. It basically relates to Adobe flex, which is the cross-platform, that is based on the Macromedia flash software, which is a development framework and a comprehensive application advancement tool. It is also a solution for the development and delivery of RIAs (Rich Internet Applications) within the enterprise and also throughout the web to enhance the interactivity for the Internet.

Benefits of using Flex on your website.Here are some reasons for deciding to put a Flex application on your website:
  • To have a very robust application that attractively visualizes complex data sets
  • To engage your users or visitors and let them feel empowered
  • Flex is the technology of the future - it shows your organization is modern
  • It works on all major platforms and users don't need to install anything
  • Audio and video can be integrated, allowing even greater interaction
  • Data synchronization allows real-time data push from back-end to application

Developing a Flex application Free open source Flex software is available but many serious developers like to use Adobe Flex Builder software for quick, professional development and maintenance of applications. If you don't have a Flex development expert in your team, outsourcing to specialist offshore Flex developer may be the solution.

Adobe Flex Builder 3 Professional offers all of the powerful features included in Adobe Flex Builder 3 Standard plus powerful memory and performance profiling tools, the new Advanced Data grid, support for automated functional testing, and extensible charting components for rich data visualization.

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