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The Many Stylish Features of Kit Homes

The days of drab and mundane kit homes are a thing of a past.
If you still think of kit homes as looking like a box with cladding then you are in for a very nice surprise.
Kit homes today are as stylish as their more expensive traditional construction counterparts.
In fact, in many instances the kit home can be even more stylish because you have plenty of opportunity to choose the kind of flooring, appliances, and plumbing fixtures after the house is completed.
Though not included in the kit itself, having an opportunity to decorate as you desire without being forced to accept whatever comes with a completed stick home is a real pleasure for many new owners of kit homes.
Elegance to Easy Living There is a large variety of kit home floor plans and styles to suit different needs.
Some homes are designed to fit easy carefree beach living and others fit upscale neighbourhoods.
There are kit homes that are perfectly suited to a rural setting and others which can nestle right into the moderately priced subdivision.
It doesn't matter if you are buying a kit home as a primary residence or for a vacation home, you will find the house comes with many stylish features both inside and out.
In fact, kit homes were designed for convenient living with flair.
Most of the features people demand today in their homes can be found in the new breed of kit homes.
* Large walk-in pantry * Breakfast bar * Open lounge and dining room area if desired * Roomy linen cupboard * Walk-in wardrobe and ensuite * Generous bathrooms * Big rumpus room * Ability to handle carpet and hardwood flooring But the stylish features aren't limited to just the interior.
Kit homes are well designed on the outside too and have great street appeal.
Australian Charm Australia is a country with a whole lot of charm everywhere you go.
It only makes sense for homes to reflect that charm by capturing a sense of the country itself.
* Floor plans with 2.
7m ceilings reminiscent of the open Australian countryside * Verandahs that can wrap around as many sides of the house as desired * Front and/or back porches making it easy to move from the inside to the outside and visa versa * Windows placed where you can enjoy the views which are available at your home's location * Sliding glass doors which make a room look more spacious while adding convenient access * Various roof pitches which enhance the appearance of the house style * Hip roof or gable roof lines to complement particular styles * Choice of cladding colours As you can see, there are many stylish features which define the kit home today.
There is nothing mundane or ordinary about these homes which are made for great living.
So if you are still thinking that kit homes look like mobile homes without the wheels, it's time to see for yourself the great styling of these modern day residences.

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