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How to Make a Friend That You Can Trust With Your Life

The friends you make are as important as the life you live.
The friends you keep can either add so much value to your life and give your life a meaning or take so much from you and leave you desolate, empty and frustrated.
Good friendship should be primarily based on edification.
You should be careful when making your friends and your vision should be a touch-stone for you when choosing your friends.
You should surround yourself with people that want the same thing with you.
If you have friends that do not share the same vision with you, you might never accomplish your vision because you will never get any support from them.
They might discourage you because you do not share the same perspective of life with them.
Your vision is your life and you should not trust anyone that does not share the same vision with you.
They should not be your friends.
First, you have to be proud of who you are and be conscious of your self-confidence.
Do not make friends because you feel that hanging out with them will give a boost to your self-esteem.
Make friends that are proud of who you are and what you stand for.
You should also be very comfortable around your friends and not feeling inferior in any way.
You can easily share your secrets and your visions with them and trust issues will not be a problem.
They can also understand your emotions and will not deliberately hurt you.
Beware of friends that cannot defend you before other people.
In lieu, make friends that can vouch for you no matter the circumstance.
Endeavor to make friends that are purpose driven.
Your friends should be able to put you back on track if you are drifting off.
That is the essence of keeping a good company.
If you have a friend that does not give you a good counsel, then you are up for destruction.
It might seem impossible to have a perfect friend with perfect qualities.
All you need to do is to be discerning and tread carefully.
Do not be caught up in the excitement of making a new friend and make the mistake of keeping a wrong friend.
Everyone needs a friend that can be a good company, loving and caring.
It might be the opposite sex or same sex.
Whichever one it is, you should strive to make the right choice.
A wrong friend can mar your entire life and leave you to pick the shreds of whatever is remaining of an eternal miserable life.
You can always let the wrong friends go.
Above all, the best friend to keep is Jesus Christ.
He never fails nor disappoints and he is always faithful.
He loves you and he is ready to be your friend anytime and anywhere.

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