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The Top 5 in Quit Smoking Programs

Quitting cold turkey, is not necessarily the best way to quit smoking, Actually it is reported to have one of the worst success rates of all the different ways there are to quit.
Not every quit smoking program is equally effective, and the program that works for you may not work for the next guy, that's a fact of life.
These 5 quit smoking programs, are generally known as some of the best and most effective ones.
They are not in any particular order, I am not to say which one is best, but they are generally recognised as the top 5 quit smoking programs, and are listed in no particular order: 1.
NRT = Nicotine Replacement Therapy, which is what you also know as patches, gums or inhalers just to name a few.
However effective this kind of quit smoking program may be, there is a downside too: You risk getting addicted to the gum or patch instead of the cigarettes, so if you are not careful you risk replacing one addiction with another.
Zyban: Originally invented as a drug against depression, patients on the drug reported that they lost their desire to smoke, and therefore it became a quit smoking drug instead.
As quit smoking pills go, this is known to be one of the more effective one's, but I highly doubt that it gets more than half of its users smoke free.
NLP= Neuro Linguistic Programming.
This is a therapy form, that works with how you think, and acts, and it is closely related to the next 2 methods, that as a whole is reported to bring a quitting efficiency above 70%, one of these would be my choice if I were to quit today.
Hypnosis, or hypnotherapy, in this method we work with your subconscious mind, and work on changing the way feel and think about yourself, your identity and your relationship to smoking, there are subtle differences in how hypnotherapists work with you to quit smoking, but the good thing here are that you are able to download quit smoking sessions immediately after purchase, and in most cases with a no questions guarantee.
CBT= Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.
CBT works by uncovering your feelings thoughts and behaviours around smoking, and through keeping a diary you become aware of where you go wrong in relation to quitting.
It helps you identify the "bad thought patterns you have around smoking, and as we all know, in for you to really want to change a behaviour, you need to think or feel that it is wrong, and then change becomes almost effortless.
On the other hand, if you don't think what you are doing is wrong, you probably aren't going to change it.
I as a hypnotherapist would choose NLP, Hypnosis or CBT any day over the first 2.
That's because I think in order to beat the habit, you need to treat yourself mentally, not just relieve the symptoms.
However choosing a quit smoking program is a personal issue, and I wish you the best of luck choosing yours.

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