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How to Replace Carburetor on an 8 HP Briggs Vertical Engine

    • 1). Follow the fuel hose connected to the base of the gas to tank to the side of the carburetor.

    • 2). Unscrew the hose clamp holding the hose onto the carburetor with the proper sized socket. Pull the hose off the carburetor.

    • 3). Unhook the throttle linkage from the eyelet on the top of the carburetor.

    • 4). Unscrew the four bolts holding the carburetor onto the side of the engine block with the proper sized sockets. Pull the carburetor off.

    • 5). Peel the old carburetor gasket off of the engine block.

    • 6). Place the new carburetor gasket on the engine block and push the new carburetor into place.

    • 7). Tighten the four bolts back through the new carburetor to secure it in place.

    • 8). Hook the throttle linkage connecting rod to the eyelet on the top of the new carburetor.

    • 9). Push the fuel hose onto the side carburetor nozzle and tighten the hose clamp back down with the proper-sized socket.

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