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How Do You Get a Guy to Marry You? - Four Tips to Help Him Commit

How do you get a guy to marry you? This is a fairly simple yet complex question that I am looking to help you explore.
The information provided in this article will assist you in making commitment to an engagement and marriage much easier on your man.
After all, a great number of men have trouble committing to a long-term relationship, even if they really like who they are with! If you have been in a relationship for a good period of time, you can expect that at some point he will be ready to be with you on a full-time level.
The first tip you should consider when answering the question "How do you get a guy to marry you?" is fairly simple.
Make him feel special! The key to a man's heart is allowing him to feel like you are truly adding something to his life.
If you understand the basic things he likes and dislikes, and those things that are most pleasurable to him, you can exploit (for a lack of better words) this by putting yourself in the shoes of much of his pleasure.
Of course, giving him some space is equally important.
Please note, he does not want to feel dependent on you like you are his mother.
Answering, "How do you get a guy to marry you?" can have less to do with him and more to do with you than you may think.
For example, many men prefer women who are more natural and less egocentric then supermodels we see on television.
If you are constantly trying to be perfect, he will feel the need to be perfect as well.
While this may be great in a short-term relationship, it is easy to feel pressure from the perspective of a man if his entire future will be dedicated to being the perfect person.
As a woman, you should feel free to let loose and not care about things from time to time.
When figuring out "How do you get a guy to marry you?" it is important to treat your relationship like one that is long-term and serious.
Beginning to share financial information and also sharing financial burdens is very important for any healthy relationship.
My long-term girlfriend and I equally split every expense we incur, whether that is the bill for groceries or for fun entertainment outside the house.
If your man is constantly paying all of the bills, he will likely have trouble committing to someone who he sees is just taking all of his money away.
So, how do you get a guy to marry you? One major key that many women seem to overlook is the importance of not making him jealous.
If you are constantly flirting with other men, or simply not spending a lot of time together, it will be hard for him to see how you are a long-term partner.
After all, marriage is about the long-term, and not just about a short period of time together and sex.
Some of the best marriages last over 50 years, and even lose sight of the need for physical intimacy.
If he feels jealous, he will likely not want any major commitment.
The final answer to the question "How do you get a guy to marry you?" requires making a major step and introducing your significant other to your family and friends.
I am not just talking about a simple meet and greet either, but rather spending quality time with these individuals.
In a marriage, your partner becomes an extension of you, and you should expect to have him around with you very frequently.
While it is healthy to have some alone time, most good quality couples spend much time together and with others they love having around.
If he enjoys being with your family and friends, your marriage will be inevitable.

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