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How to Create Your Own Wii Remote Skins

    • 1). Purchase a craft knife and static-cling vinyl. Using static-cling for skin creation is ideal because adhesive-based skins can leave a residue when removed, and they are often harder to make at home. Static-cling vinyl, purchased at many office supply stores, comes in two varieties: inkjet-compatible and laser-compatible. Get the right variety for your printer; the wrong type of vinyl will cause the ink to rub off easily.

    • 2). Measure your Wii remote. Depending on the model, the dimensions may vary. Measure each side of the remote individually; you'll be making a separate skin decal for each side. It is best to avoid skinning the very tip of the remote, where the sensor is, and the very bottom, where the nunchuck add-on is attached. You should end up with four skin dimensions matching the top, bottom and two sides of the Wii remote.

    • 3). Design your remote skin using a computer-based photo-editing program. Crop the edges of each skin image to match the dimensions recorded in Step 2. Luckily, Wii remotes are almost perfect rectangles, so applying dimensions to a computer image is easy.

    • 4). Print the skins onto the static-cling vinyl.

    • 5). On a cardboard surface, carefully cut out the four vinyl skin pieces using the craft knife.

    • 6). Measure the distance and position of the buttons on the top of the Wii remote. Using an accurate ruler, make a small mark indicating the button positions on the skin. Cut out button holes using the craft knife.

    • 7). Repeat Step 6, measuring for the remote's D-Pad and bottom trigger. It is easier to just cut a circle around the D-Pad's position, but cutting more precisely is possible with careful measuring.

    • 8). Apply the decals to the Wii remote. The oils naturally secreted by your fingers and palm can sometimes cause the ink to fade; to better protect the skin design's vibrancy, you may want to cut out additional, blank skins to place over the colored skins for protection.

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