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Know more about dengue fever

Dengue fever is one of the acute illness is often caused by dengue virus and spread by mosquitoes. In general, the disease is often found in tropical and sub-tropical regions and many spread widely in Southeast Asian countries. Known there are four types of dengue virus, each virus can cause dengue fever, whether mild or fatal.

In general, dengue fever has clinical features characterized by a sudden high fever, severe headache; there is pain behind the eyes, muscles and joints, loss of appetite, nausea and rashes. In children symptoms may include mild fever accompanied by rash.

When dengue fever have been severe, it will be marked with a very high fever which can reach temperatures 400-410C and will occur during the two days up to seven days, accompanied by facial redness, and other symptoms that will accompany mild dengue fever. To further show bleeding tendencies, such as bruising, nose and gums will bleed, and bleeding will occur in the body. If the case is very severe, it very probably will continue in respiratory failure, shock or death.

If the body has been infected with dengue virus from one of four types of viruses that exist, then the body will have immunity against the virus, but can not guarantee immunity against the other three types of dengue virus.

Dengue fever can be transmitted to humans through the bite of female Aedes mosquito that have been infected with dengue virus. Please note that this disease will not be transmitted directly from person to person. Aedes aegypti mosquitointo the main spreaders of dengue virus, dengue virus is also spread by other species of Aedes albotpictus. A person affected by this virus will experience a period of incubation for 3 to 14 days, but usually only 4 to 7 days.

For the handling of dengue fever does not require special care. The drugs are given only to relieve fever and pain. With proper care and soon, it will be the level of mortality caused by this disease does not reach 1%

Next you need to know is how to prevent disease? For the moment there is no vaccine to cure dengue fever. There is only preventive, that is by eliminating standing water that become a den of mosquitoes and avoid mosquito bites.

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