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The Shoe Trap

I looked over at the girl on the side of the bar.
She looked extremely attractive what with the floral skirt, cool white lace blouse and the new shoes that were the latest trend around.
I liked the way she had put the overall look together that symbolized youth.
Her hair in braids with a few wisps of hair falling on her face and her large blue eyes certainly had me floored.
I looked at her, a glance to see if she had noticed me and was looking in my direction.
She was patting her hair back into place.
As I was turning away towards the bar she looked in my direction and smiled.
Well, that was a good beginning.
I went up to her and introduced myself.
She glanced at me from underneath her eyelashes in the coyest manner and smiled back and told me her name.
Her name was as sweet as she herself.
I certainly wanted to go on and find out more about her.
Things such as what did her do and most importantly if she was single or there was someone on the horizon.
Possibly some boyfriend hidden in the closet! She might have a boyfriend as she was certainly an extremely attractive woman.
I just couldn't take my eyes off her especially her long slender legs and the way they looked clad in the most wonderful of shoes.
I liked the genuine and sincere smile that she had on.
A smile that really reached her eyes and was a window to her soul rather than a smile that was there for being polite! The fleeting looks that she directed in my direction told me that she was possibly interested in me and wanted to get to know me better.
I certainly wanted to get to know her better.
We got talking and I found her really interesting to speak to.
She was well read and knew about so many things that were happening in the world around her.
Just my kind of woman, attractive and yet with a mind of her own! It was time for us to leave the bar, we had almost talked the night away.
I asked her if I could drop her home and she agreed.
We walked together to my car, and whilst we were walking my hand brushed hers.
She looked at me and we both started laughing.
Once we reached the car she gave me the directions to her home.
I noticed that that was the swankiest part of town.
She must surely come from a good family to be living on that side of the town.
I fervently wished that we could take this further.
We reached her home far sooner than I would have wanted to.
She got out and before it was too late I asked her for her number.
She gave it to me and was gone.
I called up the next day and asked for her.
The person on the other end said that he was her husband and she was out..

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