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Prime Doll Furniture: Modeling Tips

Accessories: The Little Touches

The real fun with a kit or hobby of this sort is reveling in the small details. From living room lamps to kitchen coffee mugs, these are the small details found in the accessories category. Adding these into your kit will spruce it up, add a fun touch, and cause visitors to sit and stare. Also, accessories add that lived in touch. So express yourself and personality in the type of china, miniature animals, portraits and more!

Look Down: The Floor in your Kit

There is one design item that is looked over more than anything else is flooring. Flooring is often overlooked because it is the base, but that only means that it is really the foundation for your furniture and design choices. Just as with new flooring in any house, new flooring in a dollhouse will increase the value and appeal. You have many choices in this decision and every type of flooring will not work for each room - The standard 5 are Carpet, Linoleum, Tile, Stone, and Hard Wood. Carpet is a really fun choice, because it makes the kit seem like a miniature version of your house. A quick fix to bathroom or kitchen rooms is linoleum and tile. The hardest type of flooring to add is a stone or hard wood option, but in the end these are the best from a designing standpoint.

Furniture Placement Can Give You a New Look

Because a doll's furniture is very light you can easily found the perfect arrangement in a matter of seconds. A placement strategy is simply a way of trying things differently to give you the arrangement you want. The two most common layout designs is the triangle and the square. In first simple strategy, the triangle, imagine a large triangle in the middle of the room and then take the three primary pieces of furniture and place them at the corners of that triangle. The second simple design layout is the square, very similar to the triangle except there are four pieces, and they again are placed on the corners of the square. You can also use the square approach with five pieces; just place the extra piece in the middle. Though these are the most used you can have any types, shapes, and patterns that form a symmetrical or aesthetically pleasing layout.

The secret touch of a great Dollhouse: Lights

Lighting and dollhouses is a little like magic at Christmas time, it adds a tremendous awe factor, but you have to be at the right point to get started. This is the point when you have moved from setting up a miniature house for your kids to expanding this hobby into something more. It is really a lot of fun to light your dollhouse and at the same time a challenge to learn new things. At the same time, isn't the challenge why we are in this hobby?When you break it down, lighting is simply connecting electricity through a wire and a plug. In addition to that you are given instructions and help in setting it up. As will all aspects of this game, things will get easier with time. When you start with your first kit, get a small one just so you don't overwhelm yourself, something small and easy. Remember whether you think you can or whether you think you can't you are right.

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