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How to Heal a Broken Heart and Move on - The Cliches of Love

With breakups come pain and suffering.
This is one experience no one wants to go through.
So what are the ways to heal a broken heart? How do you tell yourself that it's time to move on? Here are a couple of tips (or cliches) that will help you get started.
Take Time to Smell the Roses Too many things to do, too many tears to shed, too little time.
With today's lifestyle it's always busy, busy.
Sometimes you don't time for anything or anyone anymore.
Maybe that was one of the problems that led to the breakup.
Focusing on certain things and you neglected others.
Don't make the same mistake again.
You've learned your lesson, so take it easy.
Right now, your priority is to get over your ex, so focus on yourself and on healing.
Turn Over a New Leaf You've wallowed, you've cried and you've been depressed about the breakup.
For a moment you felt so low and so alone you thought nothing mattered anymore.
It's time to change that attitude, start fresh and reform.
Don't dwell on past hurts and resentments.
Getting over a breakup means moving forward and leaving the past behind.
The Last Straw Was your ex the abusive type? Were you neglected, taken for granted, or never taken seriously? Were you cheated on? Think of the reasons why the breakup happened.
To get over your ex, think about that time when you put your foot down and said enough! Sometimes, you just need to get past your anger.
Let it out and get it done with.
The last straw is that moment when you've finally decided and accepted that it's enough, this is truly the end.
Love is a Many Splintered Thing Love is such a vast subject.
No one can truly justify its true meaning.
But what you do know is that love is comforting, something to be cherished.
It's a gift that others haven't received yet.
So feel blessed that you were able to experience it and don't think that love is permanently gone in your life.
Tell yourself instead that love will always be there, and sometimes it will find you when you least expect it.
Once in a Blue Moon Most people have a hard time moving on because they think they'll never find anyone like their ex.
You must not allow yourself to think such thoughts.
In getting over a breakup, no matter how rare a find you think your ex is, if its not meant to be, then it's not meant to be.

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