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Lata Pardesi Says ‘Jackpot’ - For Whom?

Devotional singer Lata Pardesi has a different take on the upcoming film 'Jackpot' - directed by Kaizad Gustad. The censor board has banned a song in the film that features Sunny Leone.

"For whom is it a Jackpot? An artist is someone who through his/her talent can win others' heart. What will they achieve with showing off their body, better to show one's heart of compassion, only then will they strike a jackpot."

Lata Pardesi is a noted sufi singer and daughter of the renowned singer Shri Jeetpal Pardesi. She believes that Sai can be sought with a pure heart dedicated to helping others. Commenting on the likes of Sunny Leone, Poonam Pandey and Silk Smitha (whose birthday was a few days ago), she says, "If you chase only money and fame, it is certain that life will be miserable, let alone death. Silk too died a tragic death. All these girls have talent but they do not believe in themselves or the fact that they have divine power in them. Sai is in everyone. I hope they wake up to the Sai in them and then they will never have to resort to such tactics."

She further stated, "If one really wants to strike a Jackpot, then rather than a cheap song it's better to have one that gives hope to people you strike Jackpot by earning respect not by losing it."

Sunny Leone gears up for another 'adults only' film

"Though it isn't Sunny who is heard swearing in the film, Naseeruddin Shah - who plays a key role of a Don - has enjoyed his time in front of camera as well as behind the mike," informs our well-placed source, "Colourful language is a part of the narrative in JACKPOT which has a Goan setting to it."
Apparently director Kaizad Gustad, returning after BOOM, was sure that he didn't want to restrict the spoken part as far as the stage, setting and overall milieu was concerned. This means that even though he went easy when it came to Sunny's skin show, there was no compromise whatsoever in bringing some authenticity from the language perspective.

The source says, "He had gone quirky in BOOM as well but then a lot of focus was on skin show. For JACKPOT though, producer-actor Sachiin Joshi wanted the script to do the talking and not physicality. With Sunny around, there is definitely a good element of sexuality that comes in. However that is not the sole reason for the film to enter the 'adults only' zone. There is a lot more to the film that doesn't make it suitable for the kids."

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