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How to Remove Silicone Caulk

    • 1). Dab a cloth in water and wipe away silicone caulk that is still wet.

    • 2). Use a utility knife or a flathead screwdriver to scrape away old silicone caulk. Once an end is loosened you can peel it away.

    • 3). Utilize a silicone caulk remover to soften old caulk that is being particularly stubborn. Apply this product to the caulk using the applicator that comes with the product or by rubbing it with a cloth. Make sure you wear latex gloves while working with this type of product. Once the caulk has been softened, use the techniques in Step 2 to remove your caulk.

    • 4). Take out a pair of needle nose pliers and grip stubborn pieces of silicone caulk, and then pull these pieces away from your wall or bathroom fixture.

    • 5). Scrape a painter's edger tool, also referred to as a five-in-one tool, across the old, softened silicone caulk to remove any remaining caulk left in the crevice. Discard the caulk appropriately.

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