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Breakup of Long Term Relationship - Is it Really Over When Your Ex Says, I"m Done?

When you experience the breakup of a long term relationship, it can be one of the most painful and traumatic experiences of your life.
After spending years of your life with the same person and getting to know and love them inside and out, suddenly not having them in your life can be a gut shot that comes out of nowhere and sends you staggering backwards.
The question then becomes, is it really over when your ex says, "I'm Done!"? This article explores proven methods to help you stop your breakup and save your long term relationship.
Being in a long-term relationship means there's a lot at stake and a lot to lose if the relationship can't be repaired.
Both partners have invested years of their time and effort into staying together for a long period of time.
They've been through the good together.
They've been through the bad together.
Because there is so much invested and so much to lose, the breaking up of a long term relationship and starting over should never be a hasty decision.
Sometimes a breakup is for the best, but many times a relationship can easily be repaired when the right steps are taken to ensure both partners have their needs met in a way that doesn't sacrifice the overall integrity of the relationship.
If you've experienced the breakup of a long term relationship, you must first decide what you want and then act accordingly.
Remember, in a long term relationship there will be many positives to work with because if your relationship wasn't good most of the time, then you would never have lasted as long as you did.
Many times all that is needed to regain a strong bond is to give each other a little time and space.
In doing so, you give yourself time to miss your partner and you give them time to miss you.
Taking a short break can often help you realize exactly what you had and whether or not it's worth holding onto.
Even if you've had a few disagreements and feel like your relationship just started falling apart, it doesn't mean you can't get through it and come out stronger in the end.
Give your ex some space for a while and figure out exactly what you want.
Make a list of the things you love about your relationship and the things you hate.
Does the good outweigh the bad? Do you love the person enough to get through the rough times or do you find that you are not truly happy? Be honest with yourself.
The breakup of a long term relationship doesn't have to be final.
There are proven ways to stop your breakup and save your relationship.

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