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How To Keep Bed Bugs From Coming Back!

Bed bugs can be a difficult pest to kill. The fact that they can live for up to a year without a meal makes them hard to completely rid yourself of. In this article, we discuss methods of how to kill bed bugs and to keep them from coming back.
Common signs that can indicate that you have a bed bug problem are:
Finding blood stains on your mattresses or furniture.
If you see bed bugs or their skin casts.
Unexplained bites on you or your family
Any of these signs can signal a bed bug problem. There are now inexpensive bed bug traps that will lure bed bugs through temperature and CO2 so that you can monitor for bed bug activity if you are still uncertain after review the common signs.
What do you do after you are sure that you have bed bugs?
Well initially, treating all carpet, furniture, baseboards and bedding with high temperature steamer will kill any that it comes in contact with. Then vacuum those same areas and empty the canister into a sealable bag to be sent to the garbage bin.
There are bed bug kits that can be purchased from an online pest control supplies that have been specially formulated to address specific bed bug issues. Following this initial treatment protocol listed on the chemical agents should kill any bed bugs that are currently in your home.
But, being that bed bugs are able to live for up to a year without a meal, how can you protect your family from a reemergence of bed bugs?
Once you treat your living areas, bed bugs may retreat to walls or crevices where they can avoid becoming a pest statistic. One good way to address this bed bug problem is to access your inner walls and treat that area with a dust that specifically treats bed bugs. Dusts are extremely effective at holding their killing power. If you are able to, drill small holes behind baseboards or in areas that will not be visible due to furniture placement. If you have gaps in your ceilings, you may also wish to apply dusts in those areas as well.
Be sure to inspect your home at fourteen days for signs of any activity. Keep your bedbug monitors up to date, so that if there is ANY bed bug activity, you have immediate knowledge and can keep the bed bugs from becoming an infestation, and only an annoyance.

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